HeroixMC.net was created in 2019, with the intention of providing players with self-designed games. Unfortunately, the server ran out, but at the beginning of 2020 came a new server management, which should change everything. The new management came with a good concept, which impressed the previous team members. The concept consisted of 4 great things, which we will now describe in more detail.

Our games!

The Wizzard

A game mode inspired by the Harry Potter and Magical Beasts books. The game mode is actually about leveling up your character, improving it, learning various spells and fighting.


Murder is supposed to be a mixture of TTT (trouble in terrorist town) and Among US.


P-Server are private servers that all users can create, install plugins on them and play with friends. P-Server on HeroixMC.net is a good alternative to aSingleplayer, because you can play with friends.


So that the PVP players also have a great occupation, we thought that we include game modes such as Bedwars, Skywars and KnockIT. Of course, we won't put the biggest emphasis on the older game modes, since these game modes are very common.

Coming soon

Coming soon